Access Body Process

Ivan Martin


What if your body was a compass or a guide to the secrets, mysteries and magic of life?


What is a Body Process?


A Body Process is a practical method that uses the imposition of hands at various locations of the body and then asks the natural energies that our bodies to activate. They unblock the body's tension, resistance and disease to dynamically change energy.

These processes restore the body to its original functions, repairing the damage it has suffered, whether environmental or injury, and helping its longevity.


People who have received bodily processes have reported real changes and transformations in the size and shape of the body, and especially relief from acute chronic pain and the cure of serious illnesses. Relationships and money issues seem to become easier as well.


The Body Processes are designed to open a dialogue and create a communion with your body, allowing you to enjoy your body instead of fighting it and abusing it. When you begin to change your relationship to your body, you begin to change your relationship with everything in your life.


The Body Process have been created by Gary Douglas and Dr.Dain Heer and are part of Access Consciousness® tools and techniques.


Laetitia Guillemant